Golf in Fjordlandet

Plan your perfect golf stay in Fjordlandet.

Puchtours – adventure on two wheels

Puchtours giver dig oplevelser og masser af smil - på to hjul.
Puchtours provides a lot of smiles and experiences - on two wheels
Kajakmanden i roskilde fjord


Water adventures that everyone can join! Kayak rentals at a great price on an hourly or daily basis. You can also participate in guided tours, corporate events, and take kayaking courses.

Sanketure – Guided Forays and culinary adventures

Get close to nature on guided Forays and harvesting tours to make culinary delights in the kitchen and join workshops and wild dinners
Atelier Galleri 67

Atelier & Galleri 67, Sculptor Michael Behrend

Visit the small beautiful Atelier and Gallery in the heart of Roskilde, with sculptures by sculptor Michael Behrend Hansen.
LYS på kulturen! Kom til kulturpolitisk valgdebat på RAGNAROCK

Architecture in Fjordlandet

I 2023 sætter vi fokus på Fjordlandets fantastiske arkitektur, i forbindelse med UNESCO arkitektur-året.

Gundsømagle sø and rørskov

On the unique walkway through Zealand's largest reed forest, you will feel completely lost in nature.
30. Apr - 31. Aug

The old smithy in Slangerup

Take a time travel back to the early 1900s in the Gamle Smedje in Slangerup a little local museum, close to Frederikssund
Roskilde Guides

Roskilde Guides

Roskilde Guides is a local network of professional guides, conveying the stories from Roskilde and Lejre
Roskilde Cykelcenter-cykeludlejning-Fjordlandet

Roskilde Cykelcenter

Roskilde rent and sales of bicycles and everything you need when you cycle
Roskilde Kunstforening

Roskilde Art Association

Experience exhibitions and events for children and adults all year round in the heart of Roskilde City hosted by Roskilde Art Association.
Frederikssund Golfklub

Frederikssund Golfklub

Beautifully located golf club with fantastic views of Roskilde Fjord.

Guide: 8 beautiful walks

Relish the peace and quiet and soft forest floor under your feet as you head out on one of Fjordlandet’s many walks and hiking trails.

A guide to the best fishing spots in Fjordlandet

Fjordlandet is the place for anglers who want good catches and great nature experiences in Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund
1. Mar - 30. Apr

The anemones are blooming

Boserup Forest in Roskilde is known for the beautiful flower “Anemone”. walk in the nature and see the unique flowers in bloom
Runde Rie Thomas Dambo

Troll hunting in Fjordlandet!

Can you find the trolls Måne Mor (Moon Mother), Galde Anders (Happy Anders) and Runde Rie (Round Rie)?

Swimming Spots in Fjordlandet

Fancy a swim? Here you can find information about good places to swim in Fjordlandet.

The Fjord route – Route 40

Experience The Fjord path, which is one of Denmark's most beautiful cycling routes.
Atelier HeNoCaBa i Lejre Kommune

Atelier HeNoCaBa

At Atelier HeNoChBa, you will meet Helge Nordstrøm and Christella Bamford. The studio and sculpture garden is situated in the middle of the National Park
Ledreborg Allé_Vinter

The Ice Age route – cycle route

Try Istidsruten (the Ice Age route) and go on a ride through the earliest history of Denmark – a story that is told through the landscape.

Jyllingeloop – cycle route

On the Jyllingesløjfen cycle route, you will pass burial mounds and unique viewpoints over the fjord.

Pontoppidanruten – cycle route

The bike route offers a ride through the beautiful peninsula Hornsherred the way it appears today. The Pontoppidan route will lead you past Selsø Church,

The Panorama cycle route

Experience the beautiful ice age landscapes, which characterize Fjordlandet and Skjoldungernes Land National Park

The Tour de France route

In 2022, the Grand Départ riders passed through the scenic Fjordlandet along Denmark’s most beautiful fjords, Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord.
Outdoor Adventures-Roskilde-Sov i telt-Nationalparken Skjoldungernes Land

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures in Roskilde offers guided hiking and kayaking tours in National Park Skjoldungernes Land. Rent paddleboard and kayak
Dampskibet SS Skjelskør

S/S Skjelskør steamboat

Skjelskør steamboat is a historic steamboat and over 100 years old
Frederikssund Vikingespil-friluftsscene-teater-Vikingeboplads-Roskilde Fjord-
26. Aug

Frederikssund Viking Games

Visit Frederikssund Viking Games in the summer - Theater of life of the Vikings is shown, dramatic stories about power, greed, love and comedy
Spillestedet Gimle Roskilde


Experience music and culture at the venue Gimle, which is Roskilde's regional venue and youth culture house.
Sankt Laurentius

Sankt Laurentius Kirkeruin

Sankt Laurentius in Roskilde is 1000 years of history gathered in one place!
NaturEkspressen i Visitfjordlandet


Get out in nature with Hornsherred's Nature Express. The Nature Express brings people out in the area of skibby, Fredrikssund. 

Kunstsmedjen at Musicon

KunstSmedjen at Musicon in Roskilde is an art workshop, artist studio, gallery, art school and stage for music and performance.
Glasgalleriet - glaspusteri Skak Snitker-Roskilde Havn-Rodkilde Gasværk-Fjordlandet-arbejdende værksted-butik


Welcome to the glass gallery by Skak Snitker - with a working workshop, exhibition and shop in the old gasworks at Roskilde Harbor.
HBH art Helle borg

Atelier HBH-Art

Working studio for the visual artist Helle Borg Hansen in Skibby Frederikssund.
Gunhilds Galleri og sommerfuglehave-atelier-kunst-Lejre-Kirke Hyllinge-Fjordlandet

Gunhilds Galleri

Welcome to studio, gallery and unique butterfly garden. The children can draw and paint while the adults visit the gallery
Museet for Samtidskunst Roskilde Fjordlandet-lydkunst-performancekunst-videokunst

Museet for Samtidskunst

The Museum of Contemporary Art works with sound art, performance art, video art and other art forms that have helped to renew the perception of art

Hedelands Veteranbane

Take a trip with the old veteran train in Hedeland Roskilde. Every Sunday throughout the summer.

Oscar Car Rental

Oscar car rental offers car rental from DKK 249 per. day. In Fjordlandet you will find rental offices in Roskilde, Frederikssund, Lejre and Jægerspris.

Fjordlandet Outdoor

Fjordlandet Outdoor offers guided tours in Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund in Kayak, bike and MTB
Tadre Mølle-kulturhistorisk museum-naturcenter-Hvalsø-Lejre-Elverdamsdalen-Fjordlandet-ROMU-Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land-aktiviteter-for børn-sheltere-butik-møllehus

Tadre Mill

The last of 13 historic water mills that once dotted the landscape in Elverdam Valley near Aastrup Manor Estate.
Ledreborg Slot og slotspark

Ledreborg castle and park

Ledreborg Castle and garden is located at the end of Denmark's longest Allé, Ledreborg Allé. Here are annual events and the opportunity to visit the castle park
Roskilde Kloster-Sortebrødremunke-jomfrukloster-kulturhistorie-Fjordlandet-rundvisninger-for børn

Roskilde monastery

Roskilde Kloster is the first noble convent in Denmark.

Frederikssund Viking settlement

A free, open-air museum with Viking pit houses and an authentic long house.
RAGNAROCK - Museet for pop, rock og ungdomskultur


RAGNAROCK is a contemporary cultural history museum of pop, rock and youth culture in Roskilde.
Lützhøfts Købmandsgård Roskilde Fjordlandet -levende museum-aktiviteter for børn-butik

Lützhøfts Old Grocer’s Shop

Charming living museum that captures an old grocer's shop's cosy interior as it looked in the 1920s.
Roskilde Museum-bymuseum-Sukkerhuset-Liebes Gård-oldtid-nutid-for børn-museumsbutik-café-Fjordlandet

Roskilde Museum

Roskilde Museum presents the city of Roskilde’s cultural history but also finds and artefacts from the area, dating from the Stone Age till today.
Roskilde Domkirke-UNESCO verdensarv gotisk arkitektur-kongegrave-omvisninger-for børn-Fjordlandet

Roskilde Cathedral- UNESCO World Heritage

Experience this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Roskilde, which houses the royal tombs of 39 Danish kings and queens.
Frederikssund Museum

Frederikssund Museum Færgegården

Learn about the evolution of how human beings have used Roskilde Fjord throughout history.

Jægerspris Castle

Visit the charming, historic hunting lodge that became Frederik VII and Countess Danner's residence.
Den Glemte Herregård Selsø Slot ved Skibby - levende Museum - naturoplevelser i området- Foto: Flemming Kirstein

Selsø Castle and Museum

Time stands still at Selsø Castle. The ghost stories and the many nooks and crannies make the castle something special, for both adults and children.
J.F. Willumsens Museum - Frederikssund - kunst symbolisme ekspressionisme

Willumsens Museum

Willumsens Museum in Frederikssund is a color explosion in all the colors of the rainbow - just to stimulate the senses in both children and adults.
Egholm Museum - Lejre - Hornsherred -  Fjordlandet - Egholm Slot  skov park - Våbenmuseum - modstandsbevægelsen udstilling - events

Egholm museum

Egholm Museum displays historic weapons, uniforms and various relics, such as everyday items from World War II.
Lejre Museum-historiske sommervandringer-Fjordlandet-Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land-oldtidsfund

Lejre Museum

Located in Lejre, the museum tells the story of the mythical Scyldingas and kings. According to legend, Beowulf defeated the monster Grendel here.
Sagnlandet Lejre-stenalder-jernalder-vikingetid-husmandsliv-aktiviteter-for børn-Herthadalen-frilandsmuseum-Fjordlandet-stenalderkano

The Land of Legends

Take the family on a journey back in history: Ride in the tribe's boat, shoot with bow and arrow and experience how the Vikings lived.
Vikingeskibsmuseet i Roskilde - Roskilde Fjord - Havhingsten

Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde provides a glimpse into the life of the Vikings. On display at the museum are five authentic thousand-year-old Viking ships

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Craving a taste of Denmark’s culinary delights? 🧁😍
Discover the best Fastelavnsboller in Fjordlandet with our guide! 🎉Read the full guide via link in bio 👉 @visitfjordlandet#visitfjordlandet #fjordlandet #oplevfjordlandet #visitroskilde #visitlejre #visitfrederikssund #beautıfuldestınatıons #denmark #visitdenmark #govisitdenmark #baredanmark #bestofdenmark #exploredenmark #traveldenmark #cakecreationsdk #ærligt #caféfrujørgensen #rustikbageriet #cafefjordliv #herslevbryghus #fastelavnsboller #fastelavnsbollejagten

Craving a taste of Denmark’s culinary delights? 🧁😍
Discover the best Fastelavnsboller in Fjordlandet with our guide! 🎉

Read the full guide via link in bio 👉 @visitfjordlandet

#visitfjordlandet #fjordlandet #oplevfjordlandet #visitroskilde #visitlejre #visitfrederikssund #beautıfuldestınatıons #denmark #visitdenmark #govisitdenmark #baredanmark #bestofdenmark #exploredenmark #traveldenmark #cakecreationsdk #ærligt #caféfrujørgensen #rustikbageriet #cafefjordliv #herslevbryghus #fastelavnsboller #fastelavnsbollejagten

Join the light festival in Roskilde, where winter darkness turns into a canvas for luminous creations, bringing joy to both children and adults ✨🤩"Experience a giant glowing jellyfish hanging in the air, join the enchanting illuminated parade, or transform sound into flames 🔥📅 Friday, February 2, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PMEvent: @kulturstroeg
Video: @maiavictordose
Artists: @maj_d_art @jakob.falling @laukrogh_sandell#visitfjordlandet #fjordlandet #oplevfjordlandet #visitroskilde #visitlejre #visitfrederikssund #beautıfuldestınatıons #denmark #visitdenmark #govisitdenmark #baredanmark #bestofdenmark #exploredenmark #traveldenmark #exploredenmark #lysfest2024 #kulturstrøget #alletiderslysfest #lysfestroskilde #kunstoplevelser #cityillumination #festivalvibes #artexperiences #lightfestivalroskilde #luminousparade #lightart #lightinstallations #vinterlys #lysoptog #lyskunst

Join the light festival in Roskilde, where winter darkness turns into a canvas for luminous creations, bringing joy to both children and adults ✨🤩

"Experience a giant glowing jellyfish hanging in the air, join the enchanting illuminated parade, or transform sound into flames 🔥

📅 Friday, February 2, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Event: @kulturstroeg
Video: @maiavictordose
Artists: @maj_d_art @jakob.falling @laukrogh_sandell

#visitfjordlandet #fjordlandet #oplevfjordlandet #visitroskilde #visitlejre #visitfrederikssund #beautıfuldestınatıons #denmark #visitdenmark #govisitdenmark #baredanmark #bestofdenmark #exploredenmark #traveldenmark #exploredenmark #lysfest2024 #kulturstrøget #alletiderslysfest #lysfestroskilde #kunstoplevelser #cityillumination #festivalvibes #artexperiences #lightfestivalroskilde #luminousparade #lightart #lightinstallations #vinterlys #lysoptog #lyskunst

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