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Outdoor Adventures creates outdoor experiences – and you can join exciting hiking and kayaking experiences when local guides show you the way, the special trails, and ensure active quality experiences with a focus on enjoying nature in the National Park Skjoldungernes Land.

Vigen strandpark, Baunehøj 7
4000 Roskilde





Vigen strandpark, Baunehøj 7
4000 Roskilde





Outdoor Adventures is ready with guided hiking and kayaking tours with accommodation in National Park Skjoldungernes Land, with Local guides or experiences on your own? Rent paddleboard, kayak and tent.

Outdoor Adventures has experiences for both individuals and companies and local guides take you on experiences in nature and unique visits to local places in the Fjordland as well as in the nature and culture in the National Park Skjoldundernes land.

Come out into the beautiful nature and experience the forest floor, the trees, the rustle of the leaves, the wind in your hair and the fellowship with others.

You can join guided hiking and kayaking trips and accommodation in the National Park Skjoldungernes Land. In addition, you can take your friends and family under your arm and participate in hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding and SUP Yoga trips.

If you want to experience on your own, Outdoor Adventures also has paddleboards, kayaks and tents you can rent.

Outdoor Adventures looks forward to welcoming OUTDOORS for outdoor experiences on land and at sea!

In the footsteps of the Vikings

Come outside and get unique experiences on foot where Outdoor Adventures is your entrance to experiences in National Park Skjoldungernes Land near Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund.

Whether it is on Fjordstien, Skjoldungestien, in Boserup Skov, Bistrup skov, or along Roskilde Fjord or Isefjorden.

There is a focus on the beautiful nature and the pleasure of being in it. Local guides with great knowledge and familiarity with the area around Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund guide you, show you the way, the special paths and ensure quality experiences on every trip in the Fjordland.

You can also join the unique and especially present Still hiking with mindfulness in Boserup Forest or join Gudernes Stræde from Kr. Hvalsø to Egholm Castle.

Local guides and instructors, provide unique and safe experiences:

Skjoldungernes Land National Park is a unique place with a long history, tradition and culture.

At Outdoor Adventures, they know Roskilde Fjord and the areas in the National Park very well. The local guides and instructors always show exciting places that the map does not show. You do not have to concentrate on wind and weather or which direction you should sail – you can just relax and enjoy nature – the instructors keep the course.

On the trips you experience fellowship with other people who also love nature experiences on land and at sea.

Would you like to try an overnight stay in a tent in the National Park?

Then we recommend a trip with Outdoor Adventures – Here you get a very special experience when you fall asleep under the night’s sparkling starry sky and the birds sing morning song!

Being in nature in this way gives you the opportunity to feel the silence and tranquility that nature in the National Park provides.

The tent is set up at Hesselbjerggaard

The tent is set up far out in the field by the organic farm Hesselbjerggaard, close to Svogerslev lake, and a stone’s throw from the well-known hiking route Skjoldungestien.

There are beautiful mattresses to lie on in the tent, the experience also includes duvets and pillows and the tents are filled with light and cosiness. The tents are made for 8 people but we nest up to a maximum of 5 people to ensure you the best comfort. Also enjoy the outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy the campfire and there is running water and toilet in the summer cowshed within easy reach.

It is possible to prepare food and included in the price is also delicious freshly baked breakfast bread which we bring to your tent.

Kayaking: Courses and adventure trips

Do you want to learn to row in a kayak in Roskilde Fjord? A sea kayak is an extremely stable kayak that is able to carry equipment and that it is possible to sail far in. The sea kayak is long so it does not dive into waves.

At Outdoor Adventures you can take a kayak course, rent equipment and sign up for unique adventure trips from the area down to Roskilde Fjord by Roskilde Camping at Vigen beach park.

Day trips and trips with accommodation are a unique active outdoor experience with Outdoor Adventures and they have, for example, Guided tours in kayak with accommodation at Selsø Castle, active weekends in sea kayaking for 2 or guided adventure trips in kayak with accommodation in luxury tents.

Local taste experiences on the trips:

Outdoor Adventures-Vigen Strandpark Roskilde-Fjordlandet-Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land-teambuilding-guidede ture-kajak-SUP-vandring

There is always local taste experiences on the trips:

On the kayak and hiking trips with Outdoor Adventures, you get taste experiences with locally produced quality ingredients according to the season and something to drink. You get exciting stories from local enthusiasts, who tell about their work with the cultivation or use of locally produced raw materials.

Paddleboard: Courses and adventure tours

Do you want to learn to paddle on a paddleboard in Roskilde Fjord?

Paddleboarding, also called Stand Up Paddling, has been the fastest growing water sports activity over the last few years. In all its simplicity, paddleboarding involves standing upright on a paddleboard while paddling forward. The paddle also ensures balance and control.

At Outdoor Adventures you can take a paddleboard course, rent equipment and sign up for unique adventure trips from the area down to Roskilde Fjord by Roskilde Camping at Vigen beach park.

The paddleboard adventure trips last approx. 3 hours and can be “SUP Yoga”.

What´s on:

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