Gunhilds Galleri

Welcome to the studio, gallery and unique butterfly garden. The children can also draw and paint while the adults visit the gallery. Gunhilds Galleri also designs labels for the microbrewery Hornbeer.

Holtensmindevej 75
4070 Kirke Hyllinge

Holtensmindevej 75
4070 Kirke Hyllinge

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Gunhilds Galleri

Explore the many beautiful, slightly abstract and colorful paintings and experience the creative atmosphere in the gallery, which is beautifully located in Lejre.

The colorful paintings by the artist Gunhild Rasmussen can liven up any home and give it character, while the abstract motifs can start conversations, keep the eye busy and provide inspiration.

For Gunhild, painting is a life-affirming and happy experience, and she tries to express that mood in her visual art. So explore the many paintings and find something that evokes a feeling in you.

You are also very welcome to visit the gallery where you can see the paintings up close.





Find your way: from Holtensmindevej 75. 4070 Kr. Hyllinge you can see our red barn and here you will find a gallery and garden behind, right next to Krabbesholmskoven.

Hornbeer labels

Gunhilds Galleri designs labels for the microbrewery Hornbeer.

The fine labels have a colorful expression and a wealth of motifs of people, animals, insects and nature. The abstract motifs give the eyes a lot to explore, and the vibrant colors can immediately lift the mood.

Gunhild likes to paint commission works, so if you want a picture with inspiration from one of the labels, just contact the gallery. Or if you want to buy one of the works.

The Gallery and Hornbeer Brewery are 1 km away from each other, therefore a visit can be nicely combined. Hornbeer is open Fridays 13-17.

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