Guide to 8 beautiful walks

Relish the peace and quiet and soft forest floor under your feet as you head out on one of Fjordlandet’s many walks. Whether you’re a family, prefer to enjoy a book, go for a swim or take a hike, there are walks for all types of people. Stick your mobile phone in your pocket, take a deep breath and enjoy the varied landscape, fresh country air and history that surrounds you.

1. A historical walk


About 40 km

This hiking trail traverses a unique landscape with a variety of cultural history. The network of paths winds its way through Skjoldungernes Land National Park, from the city of Roskilde across the hamlet of Gl. Lejre to the town of Hvalsø. Walk through meadows, forests and open farmland, along lakes and streams, tracing the footsteps of the Vikings and passing cultural-historical sites such as ancient mounds, stone walls, watermills and manor estates.

Please note that some stretches of the path are unsuitable for prams and wheelchairs.

Smartphone users can download the national park’s app, which contains a map with various routes, showing the location of sights and facilities along the way, for example parking spaces and restrooms.

A shelter site accessible by foot via the Skjoldungesti path affords a lovely view of Roskilde Fjord in Boserup Forest near Roskilde. The site is also accessible by canoe or kayak.

2. A long walk

Fjord path no. 40 – 275 km

This walk takes hikers all the way around two of Denmark’s most beautiful fjords, Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord, and is for anyone who likes a challenge. Stretching 275 km, the path has built-in rest stops because completing the entire trip around the fjords requires taking four ferries. If you prefer to break up the walk into shorter sections, overnight nature campsites are available along the way or find a comfortable B&B nearby.

Enjoy the varied landscape and expansive views over the water along your walk. You’ll encounter the charming island of Orø and sights such as Selsø Castle and the thousand-year-old Royal Oak in the North Woods. Signs mark the way.

3. For children and flower enthusiasts

Ejby slopes and river valley – about 2.5 km

The slopes of Ejby river valley are the perfect spot for a walk for flower lovers, butterfly enthusiasts and older kids with energy to burn for exploring the steep slopes formed 12-15,000 years ago at the end of the Ice Age as sea levels changed and geological upheavals occurred. The calcium in the water is the secret behind the rich array of flowers. Walk along the edge for a magnificent experience with expansive views over Isefjord. Or go for a dip, say hello to the cows, look for mushrooms and keep an eye out for the bronze sculpture of a seal mounted on a stone in the water.

4. A child-friendly walk

Heide Overdrev forrest – about 8 km

Located south of Lejre, Heide Overdrev grassland forest is an inviting, natural gem and a great place for a traditional picnic with the entire family. Accessible by prams, the walk leads through the forest in a varied landscape with several highlights, for example, protected grasslands and Avnsø, a forest lake created when a large ice deposit from the last Ice Age melted. The lake is clean and has a jetty, making it ideal for swimming. There’s a bench to rest on while the kids catch small creatures along the shore of the lake. The path also leads past an old forest bog, now populated with rare wild plants. The vantage point at Valdemarsvej is a nice place to have a leisurely picnic lunch.

5. Tranquil open spaces

Lille Kattinge Lake – about 11 km

This walk takes you around a small lake west of Roskilde across a beautiful hilly landscape, past ponds, streams, reed beds and rich birdlife. Various highlights include impressive hilltop views, grazing cows and fun for the kids, with a small cable ferry that allows you to pull yourself across a stream.

6. Manor estates and white-tailed eagles

Around Skarresø near Jyderup – about 11 km

Skarresø, near the town of Jyderup, lends itself to a walk around the entire lake, with the hilly terrain adding to the pleasure. Along the way are four peaceful forests, two of which are owned by neighbouring manor estates. Birdlife abounds and, in the summer, you might catch a glimpse of a white-tailed eagle from the bird observation tower at Åstrup Manor. Skarresø lake is part of the Åmosen Nature Preserve.

Udvid turen med et lille smut forbi Selsø Slot

7. A literary walk

Hornsherred peninsula – about 21.5 km

The renowned Danish author Henrik Pontoppidan (1857-1943) spent part of his life on the peninsula of Hornsherred near Frederikssund, and the area left its mark on his authorship. This walk takes you in his footsteps, past the rural village of Østby, where he lived with his family. In 1917 Pontoppidan won the Nobel Prize in Literature for “his authentic descriptions of present-day life in Denmark”, including a collection of tales, “From the Huts”, and the novel “The Promised Land”. Both works were clearly inspired by the daily life of the rural population and his experiences from the time he spent in Østby.

This walk also leads past a picturesque church, Selsø Kirke, through the village of Skibby and on to Skuldelev.

8. The countess and the tranquillity of the forest

Jægerspris – about 17 km

This is just the trip if you’re seeking the peace and tranquillity of the forest. Mile upon mile of beautiful scenery lets you soak up nature’s meditative energy. Begin at Countess Danner’s back garden, the castle wall at Jægerspris Castle, where she lived with her husband, King Frederik VII. From here, enter the North Woods, especially known for its oak trees that are over a thousand years old: The Royal Oak, the Stork Oak and the Twisted Oak. Civilisation awaits at the other end of this walk at a small harbour called Kulhuse, which has a beach and an inn. From here, a ferry sails to the fishing hamlet of Sølager.

Besøg det gamle jagtslot, som blev Frederik VII og Grevinde Danners bolig.


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One month until Christmas 
30 minutes from Copenhagen, you can experience a magical Christmas spirit in Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund 🎄🤩❤️

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One month until Christmas
30 minutes from Copenhagen, you can experience a magical Christmas spirit in Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund 🎄🤩❤️

#visitfjordlandet #opdagfjordlandet #julifjordlandet #roskilde #frederikssund #lejre #christmas #christmastime #julehygge #dänemark #weihnachten #jul #denmarktravel #juliroskilde #ig_europe #travelgram #christmastime #jul2022 #govisitdenmark #baredanmark

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