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Fjordlandet is the name for the area around Frederikssund, Roskilde and Lejre. The aim of Destination Fjordlandet is to develop and increase tourism in Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund Municipalities. 

Fjordlandet is a modern area with history stretching back over 1000 years. Centred around the fjord, the area has been home to world-famous Vikings, kings and rock legends. This is where old and new history and culture merge to open up new perspectives. 

Find an overview of attractions and experiences in Fjordlandet here: Experiences in Fjordlandet

Get inspiration from our guide book online: The official tourist guide of Fjordlandet


See transport options in Fjordlandet here: 

Tranport – how to move around in Fjordlandet

From Copenhagen, it takes around 35 minutes to get to Roskilde and 45 minutes to get to Lejre by regional train. Getting to Frederikssund from Copenhagen is a 30-minute journey on the S-train.

Plan your trip here or read more about tickets and prices here.

With a COPENHAGEN CARD – DISCOVER you can explore Fjordlandet. Take the train to Roskilde, Lejre or Hvalsø and the S-train to Frederikssund.

Using COPENHAGEN CARD – DISCOVER for public transport is very easy. As soon as you have activated your card, you can get started. You don’t need to check in/out, just show your card if there is a ticket check. All you need to make sure is that the card is valid for the duration of your journey.

Read more and buy it here

See Fjordlandet’s bike rental companies here:  

Rent a bike

Get an overview of parking in urban areas here: 

Parking in Roskilde

Parking in Frederikssund

There are lots of charging stations for your electric car so you can confidently take a drive out in the beautiful countryside.

See map of electric charging stations here.

At Roskilde Station there are facilities for luggage storage, read more here: Price per day: Small box = DKK 30,- / Large box = DKK 60,- Payment by credit card.

Read more here.

Viking Ship Museum: Free luggage lockers. 
The basement of the Viking Ship Hall has lockers where you can store items like bags and coats. Using the lockers is free but requires a 10 DKK deposit.

Read more here.

Get brochures on Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund here

Brochures and maps about Fjordlandet

Our tourist inspiration hotspots do more than just give out Fjordlandet’s guide books. They also give you inspiration for your next visit or meal. See the tourist inspiration hotspots here: 



Fjordlandet offers great activities and unique attractions for all the family. If you love history or want to unleash your inner Viking, Fjordlandet has the museum for you!

See all museums and attractions here.

Find Fjordlandet’s Viking experiences here: 

Vikings in Fjordlandet

In Fjordlandet you can find art in many different forms, including established artists and upcoming talent at the many galleries and artist studios. 

You can also enjoy art in public spaces on foot or by bike in the towns and cities or in the beautiful countryside. Take a trip out into our beautiful area for a day filled with sensory experiences. Read more about all the artists in Fjordlandet here: 

Art in Fjordlandet

For children

Fjordlandet has lots of great places to swim and you can find them all here: 

Swimming in Fjordlandet

See the many child-friendly places to fish here:

Child-friendly fishingspots

We’ve put together lots of good ideas for things to do for children in Fjordlandet here:

Family fun in Fjordlandet

Food and drink

Find information about restaurants and cafes in Fjordlandet here:

Restaurants and cafés in Fjordlandet

Support the local community and find local producers here:

Lokal manufactorers in Fjordlandet

See the overview of places to eat offering vegetarian dishes here: 

Vegetarian food in Fjordlandet

See which restaurants open on Sundays here: 

Restaurants open on Sundays in Fjordlandet

See which restaurants are open on Mondays here: 

Restaurants open on Mondays in Fjordlandet


Lace up your walking shoes and pack your rucksack with food and drink. Then head out into the deep woods of the national park, explore the landscape around the old estates or hike along the fjord. 

Get inspiration here: Walking holidays

Find Fjordlandet’s bike routes and mountain bike paths here:

Bike routes and mountain bikes

There are lots of places by Roskilde Fjord where you can try kayaking or Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP). 

Book times and courses at Fjordlandet Outdoor or Outdoor Adventures.

Fjordlandet is full of different types of shelters where you can find calm and rest – in magical forests, on the beach with the sound of the waves, by deep-blue lakes and in wonderful meadows. 

Get information and tips about shelters and a map of all Fjordlandet’s shelters here.

Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord offer great trout fishing all year round. At other times you can get garfish, herring, mackerel or flatfish on your hook. In addition, Lejre, Roskilde and Frederikssund have a number of lakes and streams which offer family-friendly freshwater fishing.  

Here is a map of the 22 fishing spots in Fjordlandet

Some natural areas provide information about their accessibility for wheelchair users. Read more here.

In the Danish Nature Agency’s dog parks, you can let your dog run free.
See where you can find the nearest dog park on the map: Dog parks

NOTE: this page is in Danish

Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land

Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land was the first national park in Zealand inaugurated in 2015. The national park covers an area that stretches over Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund and it’s just a 30-minute drive from Copenhagen.  

The national park is named after the legendary royal family the Skjoldungerne, often called the Scyldings in English. They are the descendants of the mythical King Skjold, who was sent to the Danes by Odin himself. The Scyldings are known from Saxo’s History of Denmark, the Icelandic sagas and the famous Old English poem Beowulf and other sources, which place this family in Lejre.

Read more about the National Park here.

Download their app here: Nationalpark Skjoldungelandet

Hiking: Skjoldungernes Land lets you experience the countryside on foot along beautiful hiking trails, such as the Skjoldungestierne paths. Read more here 

On the fjord: Take a trip around Roskilde Fjord on the floating restaurant, the Sagafjord, try your hand at sailing Viking ships or enjoy a peaceful trip in a kayak. There are lots of ways to explore the fjord. Read more here 

By bike: Bike out into the national park and see the countryside up close. Feel the breeze through your hair and work up an appetite as you bike through the hilly landscape. Read more here 

By the water: There are lots of places for paddling, swimming and fishing in the national park. Take the kids with you and see what you can find in your net. Read more here


Roskilde has lots to offer visitors. Get an overview here: 

Experiences in Roskilde

Roskilde has many different accommodation options. Get an overview here: 

Accommodation in Roskilde

Roskilde has a wide variety of culinary options. Get an overview here: 

Food and drink in Roskilde

See where you can park in Roskilde centre and the parking rules here:  

Parkeringsordning i Roskilde (scroll down to “English: Parking in Roskilde Center”) or view a map giving an overview of parking in Roskilde

Most regional trains from Zealand and InterCity trains from Jutland stop at Roskilde Station. You’ll find parking for cars and bikes at the station. The station can be accessed by stairs and elevators and you can buy a ticket in one of the ticket machines at the station. There is also a 7-Eleven shop in the waiting room/arrivals hall. The price for luggage storage is 30 kr. or 60 kr. and you can pay by credit card.  


Lejre has lots to offer visitors. Get an overview here: 

Experience Lejre

See Lejre’s accommodation options here: 

Accommodation in Lejre

Lejre has a variety of places to eat. Get an overview here: 

Eat and drink in Lejre

Lejre station is on the North-west line, which is the route stretching between Copenhagen and Kalundborg. Lejre Station is served by the regional train that goes between Copenhagen and Kalundborg typically stopping at all the stations.

Plan your journey here.


Frederikssund has lots to offer visitors. Get an overview here: 

Experience Frederikssund

See accommodation options in Frederikssund here:  

Overnatning i Frederikssund

Frederikssund has lots of different options for eating out. Get an overview here: 

Food and drink in Frederikssund

Se Frederikssund parkeringsordning og oversigt her: 

Parkeringordning i Frederikssund og Parkeringsoversigt i Frederikssund

Frederikssund Station is in the centre of Frederikssund and it is the final destination for several S-train lines. From Frederikssund you can take the C or H line of the S-train making it easy to get to the Copenhagen area.

Facilities: Good parking for cars and bikes, close to several supermarkets, ticket machine in the station. 

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