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On Saturday 2 July 2022 cyclists will begin the second stage of Tour de France in scenic Fjordlandet – a unique area around Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord. Hop on your bike and ride along world champion Mads Pedersen’s path while exploring Zealand’s first national park, called Skjoldungernes Land, a World Heritage Site, cosy farm shops and more.

It’s no mystery why the second stage of Tour de France 2022 will take riders past Copenhagen’s surrounding countryside, with its picturesque landscapes, challenging hills and abundant cultural opportunities. According to world road cycling champion Mads Pedersen, who is from the area, Fjordlandet has the whole package. He has traversed its roads and hills countless times.

We asked Mads to name his top three spots in Fjordlandet:

1. Munkholm Bridge:
Located in beautiful surroundings on the peninsula of Hornsherred, where there is ample opportunity to go for walks along Isefjorden, for example on Dejligheden point, which offers a panoramic view of the water. Take a refreshing dip in the water and end your day by cooling off with an ice cream from the ice cream shop just near the bridge.

2. Ledreborg Palace and Baroque Garden: 
Enjoy a stroll in the beautiful symmetrical park, which is traversed by the Skjoldungesti path. The Fly High zip line on the palace grounds lets you climb to the treetops. Enjoy a delicious lunch just a stone’s throw away at Restaurant Herthadalen.

3. Lejre Bakery:
Popular among the locals but also cyclists, who gladly take a detour to make a pitstop at the bakery, located by Lejre Stream. Skjoldungesti path is accessible from here, either toward the town of Osted or the village of Gl. Lejre.

Mads Pedersen pictured here biking on the cobblestone road that passes Roskilde Cathedral along the Tour de France route.

Lots to explore along the Tour de France route in Fjordlandet:
With its thousand-year history Fjordlandet offers easily accessible world-class sights and attractions, both ancient and modern. Along the Tour de France route you’ll encounter, for example royal burial sites and imposing architecture at the 800-year-old Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also interactive exhibitions at RAGNAROCK, a museum for pop, rock and youth culture.
The Viking Ship Museum and Land of Legends Lejre boast living workshops that invite visitors to recreate times past. Land of Legends is home to the phenomenal, newly inaugurated Viking hall, Royal Hall. Measuring 61 meters in length and with a ceiling height of over 10 meters, this magnificent iconic structure is Denmark’s largest Viking hall.
Visit Lejre Museum in the village of Gl. Lejre and explore the surrounding hilly, historically rich landscape.

Mads Pedersen whizzing along a country road outside Lejre.

Cycling down Denmark’s longest avenue, Ledreborg Allé, leads you to beautiful Ledreborg Palace and its magnificent Baroque garden.

Historic Ledreborg Allé, lined with linden trees, is also part of the Tour de France route.

Skjoldungernes Land National Park, a unique moraine landscape with over 170 protected cultural monuments, encompasses many of Fjordlandet’s attractions and provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities immersed in nature. The park offers a wide array of beautiful biking and hiking trips at various levels of difficulty.
Toward the northwest is the unique peninsula of Hornsherred, where you can enjoy the tranquillity of the Tempelkrogen landscape or a view over Isefjorden. The area is also part of the 390-km biking and adventure Ice Age Route.
Fjordlandet’s many atmospheric farm shops and eateries offer a variety of places to quench your thirst or satisfy your curiosity about local foods.
Fjordlandet offers a large selection of places to stay, whether you prefer to sleep under a starry sky in a tent, a double room, a single room, a suite or in your own flat: hotels, inns, cottages, hostels, camp grounds and bed & breakfasts.

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