Part of the Fjord Path: From Roskilde to Herslev

The Fjord Path is one of the country’s most beautiful cycling routes. The full route is 230 km long, but here we focus on the section that you can experience in and around Roskilde.

We take you on a 20 km journey that leads you along Roskilde Fjord and through forests and village idylls in Skjoldungernes Land National Park. Ride through the beautiful Sct. Hans area, enjoy the views over Zealand, and remember to take breaks along the way. There are several spots where you can rest and enjoy a refreshment.

  • Length: approximately 20 km out of a total of 232 km
  • Difficulty: Suitable for all skill levels

Start your journey on the Fjord Path in Roskilde

The tour begins in the center of Roskilde, where the magnificent Cathedral serves as the city’s natural focal point. With its special place in Danish history, the church is an attraction in itself and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Roskilde Cathedral is also the only place in the world where you can see 40 royal graves gathered in one location.

Enjoy a stroll through the small, charming streets around the cathedral, experience the medieval setting at Stændertorvet, and take the delightful, short trip to Roskilde Harbor and the Viking Ship Museum.

Cyklister der starter deres cykeltur på Stændertorvet i Roskilde.
Cyklister der trækker deres cykler ved Vikingeskibsmuseet på Roskilde Havn

Bike from the Viking Ship Museum to Boserup Forest: Experience Skjoldungernes Land National Park and Roskilde Fjord

From the Viking Ship Museum, the route follows the fjord to the nature area Kællingehaven, which is part of Skjoldungernes Land National Park. The area is perfect for hiking, and you can bike or walk along small paths to Sct. Hans Garden, a small recreational gem offering a bite to eat and drink.

From here, the journey continues along small paths through Boserup Forest, where the large trees and the fjord together create a cozy landscape to cycle through. It’s a great idea to stop at Lerskrænten, where you can enjoy one of Denmark’s most beautiful views. Take in the sight of Roskilde Fjord and Ringøen. There are tables, benches, and grill and bonfire spots, inviting you to relax no matter the season. If you visit Boserup Forest in the spring, it’s the perfect place to hop off your bike and go on an “anemone safari.” Boserup Forest is known for its many anemones – you can find three different species here. You will also find several shelters in Boserup Forest.

Pause og kaffe i Sct. Hans Have.

From Boserup Forest, you can continue to Herslev Beach and Harbor. Here, you can enjoy a refreshing dip from the bathing jetty or use the fire pits, benches, and shelters.

Treat yourself to a cold beer and lunch at Herslev Brewery’s restaurant, Øl og Mad. The brewery is an organic farm brewery that uses grain from its own fields for beer production, with each brew having its own unique taste and story.

From the brewery, you can take a short detour and try the ferry connection between Roskilde and Lejre Municipalities over Kornerup Stream. No ferry ticket is needed, but you will need to pull yourself across using the rope.

It’s an 8 km ride along small roads and through charming villages to Lejre Station, where the train goes back to Roskilde or directly to Copenhagen Central Station. Along the way, you’ll experience village idyll in Kattinge and pass Denmark’s smallest church with a steeple – Kornerup Church.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Fjord Path is something of a food mecca, where a few extra kilometers in the saddle are rewarded with fantastic culinary experiences. We have compiled a list of some of the area’s most tempting local delights right here.

Description of the mentioned attractions on the Fjord Path:

Roskilde Cathedral
Roskilde Cathedral is Denmark’s most important church building, a Gothic medieval cathedral and royal burial church with 40 royal graves. It is designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, reflecting its historical and architectural significance.

 Viking Ship Museum
At the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, you can explore five original Viking ships that were excavated from Roskilde Fjord in 1962. These nearly 1,000-year-old ships are displayed in the Viking Ship Hall, standing as black silhouettes against the backdrop of the fjord. From May to September, you can also sail in one of the museum’s reconstructed Viking ships and experience a taste of Viking life.

Sct. Hans Garden
Sct. Hans Garden is a recreational garden, meeting place, café, and nursery, located close to Roskilde city, Boserup Forest, and Roskilde Fjord. Here, you can enjoy your lunch, coffee, or homemade cake among the herbs in the beautiful greenhouses.

Boserup Forest
Boserup Forest, part of Skjoldungernes Land National Park, offers a vast area of beautiful nature perfect for hiking and cycling. For those seeking adventure, the forest features several mountain bike trails. If you’re traveling with children, try the balancing path “Midgårdsormen,” a 300-meter trail that challenges both big and small.

Herslev Brewery
Herslev Brewery is an organic farm brewery rooted in the flavors of Fjordland. They brew beer following terroir principles, using ingredients that reflect the landscape and seasons, with grain from their own fields. Enjoy lunch at their restaurant, Øl & Mad, where the cuisine complements their unique beers.

Highlighted Cycling Routes:

‘Sarah in the green’: the Fjord-path

Svanholm Storkollektiv-økologisk landbrug-gårdbutik og café-rundvisning-overnatning trætelte shelter-Fjordstien cykel

Get inspired by the article from “Sarah in the Green” biking on the Fjord Path  – the stretch between Svanholm and Jægerspris Castle. Sarah Green is a freelance photographer and travel blogger living in Copenhagen. This article is a collaboration

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