Farm fresh organic produce

Fresh vegetables grown by local farmers abound in Fjordlandet, which is the salad bowl of Copenhagen and an hour’s drive from the capital. Quality products, ranging from strawberries and pork, to venison sausages and quince ale, are available direct from the field and barn. Some of the area’s best farm shops are listed below.


Svanholm Café and Shop

At the end of a gorgeous basswood avenue deep in the country side on the peninsula of Hornsherred is a large, famous commune called Svanholm, which was established 51years ago. The commune is also a working community, known today not only for its organic farming but also its cosy café and shop, which serves coffee, cake and snacks. Local items and the commune’s own products can also be purchased. For example, you can bottle fresh milk supplied directly from handsome Jersey cows. Svanholm also supplies milk to Hansens Flødeis, which makes ice cream just four kilometres away in the beautiful old dairy in Lyngerup.

Pick your own strawberries in the summer, a perfect outing for families with children because you can also pet the goats and visit the stables to see the adorable baby calves. Highlights of the year include Eco-Day in the spring, when the cows are let out to graze after a long winter, and the autumn harvest market.

Køer på Svanholm

Organic Cows at Svanholm


Valnødlund Farm Shop

Organic venison, juicy strawberries, golden honey dripping with sweetness and freshly harvested potatoes. These are just a few of the items you can load up on at Valnødlund Farm Shop, located just a few kilometres from the city of Roskilde in the village of Glim. Valnødlund also runs an organic deer farm, and barbecue enthusiasts can head home with new inspiration, for example, organic venison barbecue sausages. The kids can check out the animals, and the farm shop also has child and family friendly events such as a harvest market and eco-concerts in the summer. Valnødlund Farm Shop also has a well-stocked web shop.


Herslev Bryghus brewery

The brewery’s name alone makes beer lovers thirsty, but the farm shop also has many other delicacies to choose from, such as lunch made with the day’s fresh produce, flour from the fields, beer vinegar and cuts of Angus beef. All of these treats are made by small local producers in Herslev and the surrounding area. The beer is of course homemade. Enjoy an organic farm beer or a quince ale. Naturally, the ingredients are from the farm’s own fields. Located in the idyllic surroundings of a lake, the farm shop regularly hosts various events, such as brunch on the weekends, beer tasting, community meals and – Are you ready for this? – beer yoga, which involves beer!

Herslev Bryghus

Herslev Bryghus beer


Stensbølgård Farm Shop

The produce section at the supermarket pales in comparison to experiencing the charm of buying organic vegetables in the delightful surroundings of Stensbølgård Farm Shop. This organic farm is located in the idyllic peninsula of Hornsherred between Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord. Their large selection of farm-fresh items include honey from their own hives, vegetables, barbecue sausages and mature beef from their own cattle. The farm also provide milk for Hansens Flødeis, a famous ice cream maker in Hornsherred. Every year Stensbølgård Farm Shop hosts a harvest market and Eco-Day, where you can see the cows dance after being let out to graze for the first time following the long winter.



Birthesminde Farm Shop

Birthesminde Farm Shop is just the place for pork lovers and families with children who would like to experience life in the country, including adorable pigs. Black and white Danish domestic pigs and Hungarian domestic pigs, for example, have the luxury of being bred in organic surroundings in small packs with access to large outdoor areas around the farm. Located in the village of Vipperød south of the city of Holbæk, Birthesminde Farm Shop supplies pork to many restaurants and kitchens that make animal welfare and organic ingredients a high priority. Open daily, the farm shop sells a large selection of pork cuts, but you’ll also find chicken, duck, goose and other delicacies. Sundays are a great time to stop by if you’d like to chat with the owners about their pigs.






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