Day trips to Fjordlandet

Discover beautiful fjord views, Viking ships, Danish history, adventure for the children and the lifeworks of a famous Danish artist just a short journey from Copenhagen.

Four of our favourite day trips:

Day trip to the island of Orø by bike

Seeing the unspoiled nature on the island of Orø in Isefjord is an ideal way to spend time away from it all. Orø is one of Denmark’s larger small islands, its terrain both flat and hilly. Bikes are available for hire at the Tourist Information Office on the harbour.

Biking lets you experience the beautiful coastal scenery, small country villages and holiday homes up-close. Enjoy the lush bluffs and rich birdlife on the island’s north side, or perhaps catch sight of seals and porpoises along the shores of Orø. Take the time to soak up the tranquillity, fresh air and green pastures. Be sure to stop for lunch at one of the island’s eateries or a cup of coffee at Marliese’s charming farm shop café, which also has local specialities such as wine, candies and honey.

Getting there:
60 minutes by regional train from Copenhagen Central Station to Holbæk Station. A short walk from Holbæk Station takes you to the harbour, where the Orø-Holbæk Ferry sails to the island in just 25 minutes.

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Day trip to the Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde provides a glimpse into the life of the Vikings, a powerful emblem of Scandinavia. On display at the museum are five authentic thousand-year-old Viking ships. Let your inner Viking loose and sail on Roskilde Harbour aboard a life-size replica of the original ships. Learn about ancient shipbuilding techniques on Museum Island, which also has lots of activities for the kids.

Be sure to set aside some time to explore the city of Roskilde, Denmark’s first capital, which is home to Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Getting there: 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen Central Station to Roskilde Station. From there take bus 203 or walk the remaining two kilometres to the museum.

Day trip to Land of Legends Lejre

Located on 43 hectares of land in beautiful historic landscape, Land of Legends Lejre brings 10,000 years of Danish history to life, offering adventures for the whole family. Explore houses and settings from the Iron, Stone and Viking Ages, or visit historic workshops on 19th century Denmark.

Experience a day that appeals to all of your senses with an abundance of entertaining and challenging activities for children and adults alike. Discover how the Vikings lived and learn about Danish crafts, tools, clothing and way of life in times past.

Getting there: 35 minutes by train from Copenhagen Central Station to Lejre Station. From there take bus 233 to Land of Legends Lejre.

Day trip to J.F. Willumsens Museum

Experience the painting, sculpture and ceramics of J.F. Willumsen (1863-1958), who was also an architect and photographer. Inaugurated in 1957, the museum was gifted to Frederikssund Municipality by the artist himself, including a selection of older works from Willumsen’s private art collection, the Old Collection.

The museum regularly hosts special exhibitions, inviting contemporary artists to enter into a dialogue with Willumsen and his art.

Getting there: 50 minutes by train from Copenhagen Central Station to Frederikssund Station. From there take bus 230R or walk the remaining two kilometres to the museum.


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