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The Pontoppidan route

The bike route offers a ride through the beautiful peninsula Hornsherred the way it appears today. The Pontoppidan route will lead you past Selsø Church, with its postcard beauty, through Skibby and onwards to Skuldelev.

The Jyllinge loop

Ride past burial mounds that bear testimony to life and death many thousands of years ago
Ledreborg Allé_Vinter

The Ice Age route

Try Istidsruten (the Ice Age route) and go on a ride through the earliest history of Denmark – a story that is told through the landscape.
Panoramaruten på cykel

The panorama route

Experience the beautiful ice age landscapes, which characterize Fjordlandet and Skjoldungernes Land National Park

Guided experiences in Fjordlandet

Guided experiences in Fjordlandet

The best fishing spots

Some of Fjordland's very best fishing spots can be found here. There are, of course, many more that are worth a visit, depending on weather conditions and water levels.
Panoramaruten på cykel

Fjordlandet’s best cycling routes

Kig på vores turforslag her på siden, hvor vi løbende kommer med nye forslag til familievenlige cykelruter. Cykelruterne er gennemkørte og så vidt muligt lavet, så der køres på cykel- og naturstier samt små veje.

A taste of Fjordlandet

Discover the marvelous produce and foods Fjordlandet has to offer.

Biking and hiking trips

Beautiful biking and hiking routes of varying lengths crisscross Fjordlandet, offering visitors lots of choices to enjoy the outdoors and healthy exercise.

Cycling in Fjordlandet

Check out our suggestions for a variety of bike trips. We regularly add new ideas with family friendly bicycle routes. Our routes have been tested to make sure they follow bike paths and minor roads as much as possible.

Tour de France / Grand de part

In 2022, the Grand Départ riders will pass through the scenic Fjordlandet along Denmark’s most beautiful fjords, Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord.

8 beautiful walks: A guide

Relish the peace and quiet and soft forest floor under your feet as you head out on one of Fjordlandet’s many walks.

The Fjord path

Experience The Fjord path (fjordstien) which is one of Denmark's most beautiful cycling routes.

The anemones are blooming

Boserup Skov is well known for the beautiful and cheerful flower called “Anemone”. Come and walk in the nature and see the unique flowers in bloom!

Ready, set … go! Explore the Tour de France route in Fjordlandet and follow in world champion Mads Pedersen’s tracks

On Saturday 2 July 2022 cyclists will begin the second stage of Tour de France in scenic Fjordlandet – a unique area around Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord. Grab your bike and ride along world champion Mads Pedersen’s path while exploring Zealand’s first national park, called Skjoldungernes Land, a World Heritage Site, cosy farm shops and more.

Terms and conditions for media usage

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Viking adventures

Fjordlandet is brimming with genuine Viking history, but where’s the best place to begin? What’s adventures await the children? Let us show you the way through Viking country.

Farm fresh organic produce

Fresh vegetables grown by local farmers abound in Fjordlandet, which is the salad bowl of Copenhagen and an hour’s drive from the capital. Quality products are available direct from the field and barn. Visit the wonderful farm shops.

Fjordlandet: The place where sagas and adventures begin

Fjordlandet is just 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen and is home to some of Denmark’s most important Viking sites, the graves of most of the Danish monarchy, and astounding scenery around Roskilde Fjord and Ise Fjord.

Day trips to Fjordlandet

Get inspired and discover beautiful fjord views, Viking ships, Danish history, adventure for the children and the lifeworks of a famous Danish artist just a short journey from Copenhagen

A guide to the best fishing spots

Fjordlandet is the place for anglers who want good catches and great nature experiences!

10 beautiful walks: A guide

Stick your mobile phone in your pocket, take a deep breath and enjoy the varied landscape, fresh country air and history that surrounds you.
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