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Alternative accommodation

Places in Fjordlandet where you can stay overnight in the outdoors! Whether you want an overnight stay outdoors or a longer weekend trip. On these unique Accommodations there are often limited facilities and amenities but they offers an unique serene atmosphere.


Autocamper parking in Gershøj Havn

Wake up to the most beautiful view of the Isefjord at Autocamper parking in Gershøj Harbor

Rastepladser i Frederikssund

Frederikssund Municipality has four rest areas for motorhomes.

Autocamper i Jyllinge Havn

Experience the special atmosphere with fishermen, fishing sheds, houses and fishing nets in an environment that has adapted to fishing on Roskilde Fjord through the ages. Camper price 130 DKK

Ostedgården autocamper parking

Cozy farmhouse centrally located - close to many attractions and beautiful nature.

Autocamper stellplads in Hedeland

Smuk beliggenhed i det naturskønne Hedeland nær Roskilde.

Lærkevang camper parking

Cozy place on a small country house near Roskilde.

Glamping i Herslev – Little Sweden

Lovely glamping tent in Herslev. Here is everything you need for a wonderful stay.

Overnight in shelter in Svanholm’s forest

Overnight at Svanholm in a shelter with direct access to nature trails in the forest. On the site are 2 shelters, each with room for 5 sleeping, and you also have the opportunity to pitch your own tent. There is a covered dining area, as well as firewood for free use. In the square is an old-fashioned 'das' and tap water.

Wooden tent in Svanholm’s forests

Get an experience close to nature in Svanholm's old forests. We have set up your wooden tent in advance, so you just have to bring your sleeping gear.

Ryegaard og Trudsholm Estate

Welcome to Ryegaard and Trudsholm Estate. Here you can spend the night at a height of six meters all alone in the forest - in exclusive surroundings in Tree top cabins in Ryegaard.
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